Collecting wrist watches has been my hobby for more than 20 years. The initial interest started at the age of eight after some "magic" repairs of old watches of my grandfather. Later I began to collect simple mechanical watches that I bought at flee markets. Hand in hand with improving financial possibilities the quality and the seize of the collection increased. Approximately five years ago an experienced Argentine watchmaker introduced me to the "secrets" of wrist-watch repair. The combination of this new abilities with several private and business trips let my collection grew quickly.

Universal Genève's Polerouter attracted my attention after the frustating loss of my whole watch collection in a burglary. I had just promised myself never to buy wrist watches again when I saw a Polerouter de luxe in my friends shop in October 1998. At the first moment I found it ugly, then interesting, and after looking at the famous Microtor movement, beautiful. I bought it the next day, and have bought many more since then. Soon I decided to focus on the "classical" Polerouter with an inner index ring and the so-called "Bombe" lugs.

The website idea was born in the middle of the year 2000. In spite of the support of the companies Universal Genève and SAS - whom I like to thank for their help - I had to learn that only very limited information on the Polerouter history is available. With this website I want to share the data that I gathered on Polerouter watches with others. In December 2000 I received a private six hour "crash course" in building a website. In the following three month I used a large part of my free time to develop this page. Unfortunately there is still a lack of reliable information on the production periods of the different Polerouter models.

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